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Environmental Stewardship

Green Goods

Environmentally Preferable Materials

Green Leaf doors are constructed of materials that have undergone third party independent certification to ensure that they are environmentally preferable products. These materials contribute to the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification program. These include contributions towards products that are of recycled content, rapidly renewable, agricultural reuse and healthy air quality. We will continue our efforts to utilize emerging technologies and materials that lower the impact our process and product may have on the environment.

Made in the U.S.A.

American-made manufacturing of the doors

GreenGuard Certified

Water-based glues and contact cements that are GreenGuard certified

Scientific Certification Systems

Recycled content medium-density fiberboard certified by the Scientific Certification Systems

Scientific Certification Systems

Low Emitting Particle boards and medium density NAUF fiberboards

No added Urea formaldehyde

Eco-conscious materials contribute to LEED points

Why Bamboo?

Why Bamboo? Bamboo is more than just beautiful and exotic.

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